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Euro 3 milk truck in Chengli
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Euro Ⅲ Ⅳmilk tanker truck list and the advantages

CLW Model Volume (cbm) Payload
Chassis model Chassis manufacturer Displacement standard Fuel type Axle
CLW5311GNYD4 milk tanker truck 21.76 17000,
DFL1311A10 Dongfeng Motor National Ⅳ Diesel 4
CLW5160GNYC3 milk tanker truck 9.77 9500 CA1167PK2L2EA80 FAW Qingdao National Ⅲ 2
CLW5070GNY4 milk tanker truck 5.32 4220,
DFA1070SJ35D6 Dongfeng Motors National Ⅲ 2
CLW5310GNY3 milk tanker truck 21.76 17000, 17065 DFL1311A3 Dongfeng motors National Ⅲ 4
CLW5160GNY3 milk tanker truck 11.77 9200 DFL1160BX Dongfeng Motors National Ⅲ 2
CLW5310GNYC3 milk tanker truck 18.52 18000 CA1313P7K1L11T4E China FAW National Ⅲ 4
CLW5110GNY4 milk tanker truck 7.67 6000 DFA1110SJ11D3 Dongfeng Motors National Ⅳ 2
Fresh milk delivery truck is also called milk tanker truck, milk transport truck, milk refresh transportation truck, etc. mainly used to transport fresh ewe’s milk, milk, fresh fruit juices, edible oil, bulk beer, etc. fresh milk delivery truck has the advantages of perfect insulation and anti-corrosive, assuring the products the temperature range changes between 1 ℃ within 24 hours.

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