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Wangpai cold room truck for sale
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Wangpai cold room truck for sale
Wangpai refrigerated truck adopts Sino TRUK wangpai 1880 single row driver cab, YN33CRD1 140hp diesel engine, 7.00-16 tyre, 1058 front axle/rear axle, 5S100 gearbox, power steering, air-cut braking, exhaust braking, etc. And the overall dimension(L*W*H) is 5995*2095*3025(mm), and the insulation body van dimension(L*W*H) is 3700×1900×1850mm.

Wangpai refrigerator truck main parameters
Product name Wangpai refrigerator truck Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 5995x2095x3025
Chassis model CDW1040HA1Q4 Insulation van dimension(mm): 3700×1900×1850
Total mass(kg) 4375 Approach/departureangle(° ) 24/23
Rated mass(kg) 1130 Front/rear suspension(mm): 1175/1460
Curb mass(kg) 3050 Max speed(km/h): 90
Axle load (kg) 1900/2475
SINO TRUK Wangpai refrigerated truck for sale
Chassis main parameters
Chassis model CDW1040HA1Q4 Fuel type Diesel
Axle nos. 2 Front tread(mm): 1570
wheelbase(mm): 3360 Rear tread(mm): 1540
Tyre nos. 6 Steel spring 3/5+3,9/10+8
Tyre specification 7.00-16LT 6PR
Engine main parameters
Engine model Manufacturer displacement(ml) power(kw)
YN33CRD1 Yunnei 3298 85
Emission standard Euro 4 Fuel type Diesel
Chosen device
Insulation body van material (exterior) Fberglass, colorplates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy steel, Meat hook refrigerated truck Van top with Slide guides and stainless steel meat hooks
Interior van Fberglass, colorplates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy steel, ventilation system Bottom floow with vent slots, etc.
PU foam thickness 50mm, 80mm, Temperature gauge Yes
Choose to install  side doors Single side door, double side doors. Cooling unitheating unit Independent cooling unit, dependent colling unit, and double temperature units. 

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