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Foton Euro 5 cold room truck for sale
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Foton Aumark Euro 5 cold room truck for sale

Main technical data
Foton aumark 3ton-5ton cold room truck for sale 
Total mass(kg) 1165,1100 Total mass(kg) 4495
Curb mass(kg) 3200 Fuel type Diesel
Emission standard Euro 5 Axle nos. 2
Wheelbase 3360 Axle load(kg) 1350/3145
Steel spring 3+1/6+7 Tyre nos. 6
Tyre spefication 7.00-16 8PR,7.00R16 8PR Approach/departure angle 21/17
Front/rear suspension (mm) 1120/1515 Front/rear tread 1530,1730
Overall dimesion(L*W*H)(mm) 5995*2200*3000 Insulation body dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 4085*1970*1820
Max speed(km/h) 95 Seating person 2,3
Chassis model BJ1049V9JEA-FE Manufacturer Foton company
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(kw)
foton company
foton cuummins
Remark The insulation body van is full sealed, and the cooling units can choose the suitable one installed, and the temperature can be adjusted at the driver cab from -18 degree to 0 degree.

CLW Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of refrigerated truck, cold room truck, etc. in China. 

The reefer van trucks manufactured by CLW Special Automobile Co., Ltd. adopts popular glass steel material, or stainless stee for exterior and interior, aluminum alloy material, and the insulation van with strengthen, etc.  

The middle is PU slices with vacuum negative pressure one-formed casting, and the thickness is 8mm, approved the related Ministry of Health of food grade requirements, etc. just like sandwich structure. The refrigerated van has the advantages of high strength; strong anti-corrosion and aging resistance, low heat-conducting property, non-pollution, non-easy destroy, etc.

And the baseboard is aluminum alloy anti-skipping diamond board, which assuring the insulation ability and the compact resistance of the baseboard. There are aluminum alloy ventilation slots on the baseboard.

The frame of standard rear double doors adopts the stainless steel structure frame with light mass and perfect corrosive resistance, etc. The door edgings frames are sealed with the imported high quality epdm rubber, making sure the van insulation stability. Door edgings, door locks and accessories use stainless steel materials.

The cooling units adopts the suitable cooling units at home and all over the world. And the temperature can be adjusted in the driver cab, and the van temperature can reach 18 degree below zero. 

More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. And the hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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