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Main features of CLW water trucks
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Water tank truck is also called water sprinkling truck, water spraying truck, waterig cart. The carbon steel water tanker truc is mainly used to road sprinkle the road, water the plant, priming the water from fire hydrant by water pump. The stainless steel water trucks which installed with food grade pipeline are mainly used to transport drink water to water shortage aera.

As a professional manufacturer of special automobile, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can supply high quality Q235 carbon steel water truck , SUS304 stainless steel water truck, Aluminum alloy water truck. The drive type of ourwater tanker truck can be 4x2, 6x2,6x4,8x4,etc. The volume of our water tank is from 4000L to 30000L.

Main feature of CLW water tanks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. 

1.Front dash, side spraying& rear sprinkler, with fire hose coupling, self-discharge valve.
2.Installed rear working platform with rotatable water cannon.
3.Water can be adjusted to heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle & mist.
4.The sprinkler truck can be used as pesticide spraying truck as long as install the pesticide spraying device.
1. made of carbon steel Q235.
2.Equipped with front(rear,side)sprinkler(sprinkling width>14m ) ;Equipped with rear working platform with water cannon ( range>28m );Equipped with CLW pump(suction lift>6m);Equipped with fire valve,water valve,and filter gauze
3. with front flushing, back sprinkle and side spray,high pressure gun in rear,Platform,two water pipe,it length is equal to the tank’s.
4. with the working platform at the back, wich can be installed green high-pressure water spray gun.(The spray gun shape can be adjustable: heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzling rain or haze.)
5. Provide the best high-power sprinkle pumps quality of the national,And with fire coupling, self-flow add self- priming function.


More pictures of CLW brand cistern truck as below. 

This parameter list is the standard type of truck for this chassis, if you have any other special requires such as you need to add some other components for the truck, please tell us, we will try our best to meet any of your demand.

By the way, You can tell us you buy the truck for what kind of work, and used in what kind of circumstance, so we can give you more suggestions for what kind of truck meet your requirement best.


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